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How To Improve Personal Injury Lead Generation

Many personal injury lead generation companies experience people asking about the medical malpractice, dog bite cases, workers compensation, and areas of law. This through all the marketing in waste and many people left without any help because many personal injury lawyers do not deal in workers compensation and medical malpractice, so the client needing help left and seek for another attorney and also lawyer’s time and money get wasted. As almost all the personal injury lawyers works in auto accident case leads but still many won’t touch might because a med mal claim due to law differences. Also, be as much specific as possible so the people get matched with the right lawyer when looking for help and hence the lawyer does not waste time and money on marketing for the law areas they don’t handle.

Categorize Leads

Try to set things as granular as possible by separating the personal injury leads into different categories such as personal injury leads, workers compensation leads, and auto accident leads, instead of combining them all together have screening criteria and price range such as auto accident lead which is much more competitive, has expensive advertising demand and relatively have a higher conversion rate and case value than the slip and fall cases which are harder to prove and typically smaller settlements. The personal injury leads typically include:

  • Auto accident leads
  • Workers compensation leads
  • Dog/animal bite
  • Slip and fall liability
  • Product liability

Exclusive Leads

Usually companies make personal injury leads exclusive means the lead is sold to just one firm. In most states, a lot of companies work with a single firm per practice area in one state. This avoids fighting with the other firms and get to the same person faster and also saves to get in the loop where the competitor get a big case but you get something little.

This allows the law firms with huge budget and time limitation to get higher converting leads by spending less time scrutinizing them while allowing the smaller firms to grow their firm by getting high potential cases for less, and sort more leads.

Strategies for Personal Injury Lead Generation

These days many cutting edge strategies for digital advertising are used which helps to generate high quality leads. Lead generation especially in case of personal injury is very competitive so always stay ahead of the curve by using the latest technologies, optimization software and, analytics etc.

To compete in advertising can cost hundreds of thousand dollars in most areas of the US for personal injury cases and leads with no surety that any lead or call will even come. Organic SEO is a long road to travel and can take years and piles of money as well. But with personal injury leads, law firm plugged into the marketing machine built already which allows new firms to start with small leads.

Screening Criteria

Potential claimants must be screened to meet the below criteria:

  • Received a personal injury in the cases which law group handles.
  • The injury occurred within the legal limitation period.
  • Looking for the legal assistance from the attorney
  • Have not already hired the lawyer.
  • Are not at-fault
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