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White collar crimes are a category of crimes that involve theft and deception committed by a person in a professional capacity. Because white collar crimes are typically very complex and involve activities that cross state lines, the individual can usually be prosecuted by the state of Oklahoma or the federal government (or both). The penalties for being convicted of white collar crime typically consist of fines, payment of restitution, probation, and/or prison. At our firm, we defend those charged with white collar crimes, such as


(offering, giving, receiving, or soliciting of something of value for the purpose of influencing the action of an official in the discharge of his or her public or legal duties).


(the fraudulent conversion of another’s property by a person in lawful possession of that property)


(obtaining money [or some other thing of value] through the use of violence, threat of violence, or under pretense of authority)


(the making or altering of a false writing with intent to defraud)


(a false misrepresentation of a fact which induces another person to part with something of value belonging to him/her, or to surrender a legal right)
In addition to the above, crimes such as COMPUTER FRAUD, TELEMARKETING FRAUD, TAX EVASION, TAX FRAUD, INSURANCE FRAUD, HEALTHCARE FRAUD, SECURITIES FRAUD, and ORGANIZED FRAUD also fall under the definition of white collar crimes.

If you have been charged, or are under investigation for a white collar crime in Oklahoma, it is imperative that you protect your legal rights. All of the above crimes are very serious charges, and can carry life changing consequences. If you or someone you know has been arrested, or is being investigated for a crime, you need advice from an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Protect your rights and your freedom. Contact our Tulsa criminal defense attorneys by phone at (918) 216-9644.

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