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Top Criminal Defense & DUI Attorney In Tulsa, OK

The Law Office of Carlos L. Williams is a full service law firm in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Our firm handles criminal defense, family law, immigration, and personal injury cases. Attorney Carlos Williams is an experienced Tulsa criminal lawyer, with over two decades of experience in Oklahoma courts. We pride our firm on treating each legal matter as if it were our own. We offer consultations and payment plans suitable for all needs.

Our clients, as diverse as they are, all have one common goal: to obtain aggressive legal representation, whether they are physically injured, seeking to obtain citizenship or entry into the U.S., charged with a serious criminal offense, or have a family law matter…Learn About Our Firm Overview

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Accused Of A Criminal Offense? Contact An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney In Tulsa, OK Today

Facing a criminal charge and impending conviction can be an uncertain, daunting, and emotionally difficult experience, leaving you with a lot of unanswered questions. Will you be sentenced to time in jail or prison? Will you lose your job and the ability to provide and care for your family? Do you feel as though you’ve been wrongfully accused, or as if your rights have been violated?

At the Law Office of Carlos L. Williams in Tulsa, OK, you will find a team of attorneys who are ready to hear your story from start to finish and give you a clear and straightforward analysis of what you’re dealing with. In many cases, a criminal charge can be refuted and reduced to a lesser charge or altogether dismissed. At the very least, a criminal defense attorney can help you mitigate the consequences of a conviction, guide you through any hearings or depositions that may be required of you, and give you peace of mind in knowing you have a team of attorneys who are dedicated to fiercely defending your rights and protecting your future.

With nearly 50 years’ worth of combined experience, there is virtually nothing that the criminal defense attorneys at the Law Office of Carlos L. Williams in Tulsa, OK haven’t dealt with. The following are just a few of the criminal charges they handle:

Identifying The Best Defense For Your Case

Since every criminal case is unique, so too is the defense that will be used to combat it. As soon as you obtain representation by the criminal defense attorneys at the Law Office of Carlos L. Williams in Tulsa, OK, an investigation will be launched on your behalf in an effort to gather all of the evidence that can be used in your favor. Next, the strongest possible argument will be built based upon the facts and circumstances that are unique to your case. There are many potential defenses which apply to a variety of criminal offenses, including the following:

  • An unlawful search/seizure was carried out by law enforcement agents, which means any evidence obtained as a result of that should be thrown out
  • You (the defendant) are not the person who committed the crime in question
  • You may have committed the crime, but cannot be held criminally culpable due to insanity or mental illness
  • The Miranda warning was not read prior to an interrogation while in custody, which means any statements obtained as a result of that interrogation should be thrown out
  • You committed the crime in question in self-defense
  • You had no intention of committing the crime, committed the crime unknowingly, or committed the crime in direct response to a threat from someone else
  • Law enforcement agents exercised entrapment in order to arrest you

The sooner you contact a criminal defense attorney in Tulsa, OK, the sooner you can put this case behind you and move on with your life. Don’t hesitate—call the Law Office of Carlos L. Williams today.

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Immigration Attorneys In Tulsa, OK

Are you or a loved one facing deportation? Are you in the U.S. and trying to obtain a green card? Are you dealing with a criminal and immigration issue simultaneously? At the Law Office of Carlos L. Williams, you will find immigration attorneys who deal with a wide range of immigration matters and understand the unique challenges presented by each one. While it is their ultimate goal to obtain a positive outcome as quickly and efficiently as possible, it is also their goal to take the time to truly understand you as a person and ensure that you feel well-informed and at ease during the pendency of your case. The following are just a few of the immigration issues expertly dealt with by the immigration attorneys at the Law Office of Carlos L. Williams in Tulsa, OK:

  • I-130 petitions for alien relatives
  • Marriage-based green cards
  • Citizenship
  • Holds by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)
  • DACA renewals
  • Mitigating grounds for inadmissibility to the U.S.

Family Law Attorneys In Tulsa, OK

No one wants to think about divorce when they’re about to get married, but the reality is that around 50 percent of marriages in the U.S. end in divorce. The process of divorce can be messy, emotional, expensive, and time-consuming, but with the right attorneys on your side, it doesn’t have to be. The family law attorneys at the Law Office of Carlos L. Williams in Tulsa, OK know what it takes to protect your rights throughout a divorce and ensure that you walk away from the marriage with as much of your life intact as possible. This might mean keeping the home, maintaining just as much quality time with your children, or obtaining the financial support you need in order to reenter the workforce.

Alternatively, you may be seeking to establish paternity or obtain child support outside of the divorce context. Every situation is unique, and every individual has their own story to tell; the family law attorneys at the Law Office of Carlos L. Williams in Tulsa, OK are here to listen

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Personal Injury Attorneys In Tulsa, OK

Have you been injured through no fault of your own? Do you suspect that you contributed to your injuries, but feel that another party was primarily responsible? Are you out of work and trying to get better while also trying to determine whether you have a valid personal injury claim on your hands? If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, then your next step should be to contact an experienced personal injury attorney who can provide you with a detailed review of your situation and lay out the pros and cons of each option available to you. At the Law Office of Carlos L. Williams in Tulsa, OK, you’ll find a team of personal injury attorneys ready and willing to do this for you. They understand how stressful it can be to sustain an injury, and how important it is to limit the amount of psychological stress during the recovery period. The following are just a few of the most common types of personal injury cases they handle:

  • Accidents involving passenger vehicles, motorcycles, pedestrians, bicycles, and/or semi-trucks
  • Slip-and-fall accidents
  • Dog bites
  • Wrongful deaths

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