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Building Families Through Oklahoma Adoption Law

AdoptionsAdoption may be the only way for you to realize your dream of having a family. However, the many requirements to adopt a child because of the complex adoption laws in Oklahoma may be an obstacle to making your dream come true.

The Law Office of Carlos L. Williams’ team of adoption lawyers works so this does not turn out to be the case for you. We employ the expertise gained over our five decades of combined experience to be your adoption advocates in Tulsa, OK.

Requirements To Adopt A Child In Oklahoma

Generally, both natural parents must consent to an adoption in Oklahoma. The child must agree to be adopted if they are 12 years of age or older, as well.

In order for adoption to be possible, the child must have all legal ties to their natural parents dissolved. Failure of this occurring means that the potential adopter cannot later establish legal ties to the child. This lays the grounds for which the state subsequently views the child legally as though they were a natural child of the adoptive parent.

Potential adopters are required to be at least 21 years of age. They do not need to be married, nor do they need to be related to the child.

Oklahoma adoption law requires individuals that hope to adopt demonstrate that they can adequately care for the child. The state defines this in three ways: financial, psychological, and physical care.

In addition to this, potential adopters must get a history of the child in relation to their birth parents. This is in place to anticipate things that may impact the child’s health later on.

How Oklahoma Defines Adoption

AdoptionsOklahoma outlines several forms of adoption in state law. Some, like adult adoption, are hardly ever sought. The most common types of adoption in Oklahoma include the following.

Individual adoption

This type of adoption is likely what immediately comes to mind when you hear the word adoption. Individual adoptions are when the adoptive parents legally take custody of a child from the natural parents.

Oklahoma has some complicated laws surrounding individual adoptions due to our history. This is especially true of adoptions of Native American children. Even if this is not the case, required paperwork that, if incorrectly filed, can have dramatic consequences will be a part of your experience. As such, we highly advise consulting a child adoption attorney. The Law Office of Carlos L. Williams would be happy to help you navigate the adoption process.

Relative adoption

As the name indicates, this is when a child is legally adopted by a relative, usually an aunt, uncle, or grandparent. This type of adoption is common when parents are incapacitated or die unexpectedly. These are generally processed with minimal issues, but having an attorney will mitigate any issues arising along the way.

Stepparent adoption

These adoptions typically occur when a couple divorces and one of the spouses remarries and the remarried spouse’s new spouse moves to adopt the child legally. The other natural parent can object, which would trigger a much more involved set of legal proceedings. A child adoption attorney would essentially become necessary at that point.

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Call us today to find out more about Oklahoma adoption law and how we can help you navigate its many complexities. It is our delight to play a role in building the family of your dreams.

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