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There are currently two cases at the Supreme Court set for oral argument this month that will have immigration-related implications.  The cases generally concern whether a non-citizen (even a permanent resident) can be mandatorily detained and deported for possessing drug paraphernalia. The immigration and Nationality Act broadly authorizes the deportation of noncitizens that find themselves charged with crimes related to…Read More

Being accused of child molestation and any other sex crime involving a child is no joke. Even if you are completely innocent of the crime, this kind of accusation can put you in jail to serve hard time. According to statistics, a large percentage of individuals are convicted of sex crimes that they didn’t commit.  And aside from the jail…Read More

Even if you don’t have kids, the process of dividing marital assets during a divorce can be tough, especially, if the other partner is unreasonable. This is one of the many troubles that an experienced divorce attorney can help with, but there are ways of doing it yourself – ways that you can establish an agreement with your ex-spouse outside…Read More

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