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Skilled Attorneys For DUI Charges In Tulsa, OK

Searching for a “DUI lawyer near me?” The Law Office of Carlos L. Williams can help.

Getting charged with a DUI can come with devastating consequences. In addition to a criminal conviction, a DUI often results in a suspended driver’s license and hefty fines. You will likely be required to attend multiple court appearances which could cause you to miss work. Moreover, you could face probation or even jail time if convicted.

By working with a DUI defense attorney, you can have a trained legal professional walk you through the court process. Instead of worrying about what will happen at the DMV or what your punishment might be, you can know what to expect and be prepared.

The Law Office of Carlos L. Williams is a trusted law firm with experienced attorneys for DUI charges in Tulsa, OK. Founding attorney Carlos Williams has more than 20 years of experience in the Oklahoma court system helping people just like you.

Our firm was founded on the principle of “understanding you and understanding the law.” We take pride in getting to know each client and their individual needs. We apply our extensive legal knowledge to the unique circumstances of each case to create the best plan of action for you.

What Is Considered A DUI In Oklahoma?

DUI Defense Lawyer, Tulsa, OK

DUI, short for driving under the influence, is a crime in Oklahoma. The law defining DUI is in Title 47 of the Oklahoma statutes. There are several different ways to get a DUI, including:

The DUI laws are complex. Defending against a DUI involves many complicated legal issues and requires a deep understanding of the law. A DUI lawyer is specifically trained in these areas and can help you determine the best possible defense.

What Are The Penalties For DUI In Tulsa, OK?

A DUI conviction can be either a misdemeanor or a felony. Your potential punishment will differ depending on your age, the type of driver’s license you hold, and your criminal record. Some of the possible penalties include:

The penalties for DUI can be significant. The financial consequences alone can be crippling considering the cost of fines, treatment, ignition interlock, and missed work. Attorneys for DUI charges are aware of the substantial penalties surrounding DUI charges. They are trained to help minimize the potential costs and penalties whenever possible.

How Can A DUI Lawyer Help Me?

DUI Defense Lawyer, Tulsa, OK

A trained DUI lawyer can help you understand the law and your options. They will explain the possible outcomes in your case so that you can make an informed decision on how to proceed.

Every person charged with DUI has certain legal rights. A skilled DUI defense attorney will know the possible defenses in your case. If your rights were violated, they will fight for you in court when necessary.

Even if you don’t wish to fight the charges against you, a DUI lawyer can still be a great help. They can guide you through the court process and speak on your behalf. In addition, they can argue for the most lenient penalties possible.

The Law Offices Of Carlos L. Willams: Your DUI Lawyers

Don’t wait to start your DUI defense, every minute matters when your right to drive and livelihood are at stake.

Are you charged with a DUI in Tulsa, OK? The Law Office of Carlos L. Williams can help protect your driving record at the DMV. We will also zealously represent you in criminal court.

Some criminal defenses are time sensitive. Getting a skilled DUI lawyer on the case as soon as possible can help minimize the negative consequences associated with DUI charges. Attorney Carlos Williams is well-versed in Oklahoma DUI law and ready to help guide you.

Get in contact with our law firm today by calling (918) 216-9644 to set up a consultation – and avoid the possibility of unnecessary penalties.

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