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We’ve all made mistakes before. Unfortunately, some mistakes stick with us longer than we would like. Whether you’ve, while this isn’t the best news, there is a solution. If you have a criminal record in Tulsa, OK, you may be eligible to undergo the expungement process.

You may still be rebuilding your life after a mistake that damaged your reputation. Essentially, that’s what having a criminal record does. It precedes your presence by announcing one of your least proud moments. With the help of an expungement lawyer, you’ll be able to get back in control of your life.

At The Law Office of Carlos L. Williams, our aim is to represent you in your fight for a better life. You’ve been through a challenging situation, and we want to ease your worries. Our firm has served the Tulsa, OK, area for over 20 years. We are an interdisciplinary team with experience litigating criminal defense, immigration law, family law, and personal injury.

With our knowledge of criminal defense, we will be able to come up with the best strategy for your expungement. You may think the odds are against you in the expungement process. However, letting a dedicated expungement lawyer assess your needs is all the validation you need.

What Is The Expungement Process In Tulsa, OK?

Expungement is the process in which someone’s criminal record is either sealed or cleared. This can offer convicted persons opportunities previously closed to them. With an expungement, many individuals can go on to better their lives and the community.

The difference between clearing a criminal record and having it sealed depends on whether the charges were deferred or dismissed. When you file for an expungement, you go through the necessary steps of notifying the correct departments and submitting the proper documentation. A qualified expungement lawyer is critical in ensuring that the process goes smoothly.

How Soon Can I Apply For Expungement In Tulsa, OK?

Expungement Lawyer, Tulsa, OK

Laws often change, and expungement laws are no exception. While there is no specified timeframe overall, there is a time frame based on specific criteria. These criteria have to be met in order for you to be eligible to start the expungement process.

In Tulsa, OK, there are numerous ways to qualify for eligibility. Your circumstances must fit within the eligibility guidelines, and then you can proceed with officially filing your petition in court.

Some criteria to consider before you start the expungement process are:

If I Was Acquitted, Will My Record Be Automatically Expunged?

In Tulsa, OK, there are no automatic expungements. However, you can request an expungement for both your criminal and arrest records. Typically, there is no fee to expunge your criminal record, but there are costs associated with expunging your arrest record.

When filing to have your arrest record expunged, your expungement lawyer will be able to assist you in filing the petition correctly. While there is a fee for arrest records, it usually covers all arrests in a particular county. If you have subsequent arrests in other places, you must file another petition for that jurisdiction.

What Can An Expungement Lawyer Do For Me?

Expungement Lawyer, Tulsa, OK

The Law Office of Carlos L. Williams brings the experience and dedication you need in the expungement process. There are many rules of the court to follow. The correct documentation must be submitted in order and on time for your expungement application to be considered.

This can be a complicated journey when you have no experience with legal statutes. Remember that having an expungement lawyer means having access to skillful knowledge you wouldn’t otherwise have. Choosing an expungement lawyer who will listen and work hard throughout the process is essential to ensure you have the best result. Our firm is ready to assist you in this endeavor.

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The Law Office of Carlos L. Williams wants to assist you in your pursuit of happiness. Having your criminal record expunged will open many more doors for you. You’ll be able to choose from options you may have thought were impossible before. Our firm wants to help you take back control of your life.

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