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New Tulsa County Docket For Probation Violations

New Tulsa County Docket For Probation Violations

New Tulsa County Docket for Probation Violations

The Tulsa World recently published a very comprehensive article on the new docket created to help divert nonviolent offenders from prison for probation violations.[1] Judge Drummond will be in charge of the new docket exclusively hearing probation rule violations, which will free up other dockets to focus on public safety issues.

When a person violates a rule of his/her probation or is charged with a new offense, the District Attorney’s office files either an application to revoke their suspended sentence or to accelerate their deferred judgment and bring the defendant’s guilty plea forward.

The Tulsa World compiled a large amount of data for the article. Specifically, they found that in 2014 there were approximately 13,000 people on probation in Tulsa County and 3.538 violation papers filed in that time. Statewide, probation violations account for 26% percent of the people incarcerated. of those 26%, 56% of those persons ended up serving time in prison for the initial crime.

Judge Drummond stated that he hopes this exclusive violation docket will allow him to look into the substance of the violations to determine whether the individual should be transferred to a better fitting diversion program. There are currently eight programs that provide an alternative to prison in Tulsa County:

  • District Attorney Supervision
  • General Department of Corrections Supervision
  • Community Sentencing
  • Drug Court
  • DUI Court
  • Mental health Court
  • Veterans Court
  • Women in Recovery

“Presiding District Judge Rebecca Nightingale said the purpose of the rules violation docket is to “provide the proper services or the proper programs to the proper offender.” If a judge can more accurately match offenders with an appropriate service level, they’ll be less likely to violate those rules again and end up in prison.”[2]

If you have questions regarding probation violations in Tulsa County, diversion programs, or any other criminal law matter, contact our office for a consultation.



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